Quels sont les meilleurs produits de toilette pour bébé ?


Caring for your baby's delicate skin requires special attention, especially during bathing times which strengthen the bond between parents and their child. This daily ritual is essential, and for it to go smoothly, it is crucial to choose products specially formulated so as not to irritate your sensitive skin. So what are the essentials for washing your child? From preparing the kit to selecting the right cleansing gel, including accessories such as cotton wipes and physiological serum, discover here everything you need for tender care.

The washing gel

The organic, gentle and nourishing Baby Wash Gel from Pioupiou Cosmetics is ideal for babies. This product gently cleanses the face, body and hair. Its formula, enriched with organic olive oil and Calendula extracts, is specially designed to respect and protect sensitive skin. This gel is perfect for daily use from the first days of life.

Face cream

This children's face cream is formulated exclusively with 100% gentle and natural ingredients, perfect for the sensitive and delicate skin of little ones. Enriched with sweet almond and oat oils, as well as Swiss edelweiss extracts, it offers deep hydration and effectively protects your child's skin every day.

The gentle balm

A nourishing and magical balm for baby's skin. Diaper's best friend, the multi-use balm is the perfect product for baby. Entirely natural, vegan and organic, it is composed exclusively of vegetable oils and butters as well as certified organic active ingredients. It nourishes, protects and delicately soothes the skin with its unique formula.

Physiological serum

Physiological serum, composed of purified water and sodium chloride, is essential for the daily care of your baby. Use it to gently clean your child's eyes: apply a few drops to a sterile compress and gently pass it from the outside to the inside of the eye. This serum is also perfect for clearing baby's nostrils by eliminating impurities: inject it carefully into each nostril to help unclog their nose.


If your baby suffers from skin problems such as eczema, oleo-limescale liniment is essential care. This product is a mixture of lime water and olive oil, ideal for gently cleansing and moisturizing baby's skin. It constitutes a valuable ally in your child's toilet routine.

Cotton wipes

Discover our set of 5 organic cotton wipes , an ecological and reusable solution to disposable wipes. Designed to be gentle and versatile, these washable wipes are perfect for caring for baby's sensitive skin. Made with GOTS certified cotton, they guarantee safety and respect for the environment. Thanks to their double-sided design with micro-sponge and fleece, they offer gentle cleaning and optimal comfort with each use.

Hair brush

A wooden and vegan baby brush is suitable for all infant hair. Our hairbrush is made of solid beech wood and soft synthetic bristles, vegan and cruelty-free (no animal hair). It is made in France and personalized exclusively for Pioupiou by Pomme de Lin.

Why choose natural products for washing your baby?

The arrival of a baby brings its share of questions, particularly about which toiletries to choose. As your newborn's skin is particularly delicate, it is essential to protect it. Conventional toiletries can contain chemical substances that risk irritating this fragile skin and disrupting its hormonal balance. To avoid these dangers, it is advisable to turn to organic , natural and certified vegan baby care products to use from the first days of your child's life.

The advantages and benefits of natural baby products

The benefits of natural products for baby's skin are numerous. These products, gentle and respectful, prevent irritation and allergic reactions while preserving the hydration and softness of the skin. By choosing certified organic treatments, you also contribute to protecting the environment and reducing your ecological impact.

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