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Discover our collection of Swiss care products specially developed for the sensitive skin of babies and children: natural, organic & vegan. Treatments that the whole family will enjoy.

Protect and moisturize little ones' skin every day with the Pioupiou Cosmetics range. Our products are gentle and effective, specially designed for the delicate skin of infants from their first day, pregnant women, children and the whole family. Explore our selection of treatments made in Switzerland for a natural and beneficial experience.


What care for my child?

For your little one, the Pioupiou range offers a variety of suitable treatments. Whatever the needs, areas and skin types, our baby products are designed for your child.

  • Face cream - Babies & Children: Our face cream offers deep hydration. It intensely nourishes the skin, protects it against external aggressions, treats irritations and feelings of tightness. The most delicate and sensitive skin is soothed, soft and lastingly hydrated.
  • Mom Baby Oil : An ideal body care oil during pregnancy but also as a massage for an infant. This oil soothes and deeply nourishes the skin, providing an unrivaled feeling of softness and well-being. Specially adapted to the needs of sensitive and delicate skin, this treatment oil naturally takes care of your skin.
  • Gentle Balm : Our magical balm that takes care of all the little aches and pains. Versatile and very nourishing, it is used as care for baby's bottom, for small wounds and to relieve dry and red areas. It is perfect for the whole family, all body parts and all skin types.

Natural care that respects the sensitive skin of the whole family

Infant skin is delicate and requires special attention. Our range of care dedicated to toddlers is specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive and fragile skin. Our products incorporate carefully selected organic ingredients, all from natural sources. These formulas have undergone rigorous dermatological testing, ensuring their safe use from birth. Their composition also makes them suitable during pregnancy. Plus, they are designed to meet the needs of all members of the family. Trust our care range, carefully developed to offer a gentle and safe solution to care for the delicate skin of your baby and the whole family.

The specific needs of babies and children

A baby or child has specific needs, and our care is specially designed to meet these expectations by offering solutions for:

  • Cure diaper rash, red butt and other skin irritations.
  • Obtain soft, smooth and hydrated skin.
  • Treat eczema or psoriasis.
  • Protect, soothe and nourish the skin according to the season.
  • Treat scathes, redness and tightness.
  • Fade scars and skin discolorations.

Our products are carefully formulated to offer a tailored response to each specific need of your child and much more. Trust our range of care products to take care of your little one's delicate skin and ensure their daily well-being.

Natural, organic and Swiss-made products

Offer your family the best skin care while preserving the planet. Our products are made from organic and vegan ingredients, benefiting from the exceptional know-how, quality and purity of Swiss cosmetics. Our gentle and delicate care products for babies and children are composed of quality vegetable oils and butters, as well as active ingredients from flowers, plants and other elements of our precious nature. Each of these components is carefully selected to guarantee an exceptional care experience.

Gentle and healthy care for mothers and pregnant women

Offer deserved well-being to all mothers and future mothers with our gentle and healthy care. Specially designed to meet the specific needs of the skin during and after pregnancy, our quality products are formulated with organic and vegan ingredients. Benefiting from the exceptional expertise of Swiss cosmetics, our treatments for mothers offer a delicate and soothing experience. Nourishing vegetable oils, carefully selected plant extracts, and other natural components make our products perfect allies for healthy, radiant skin, contributing to the overall well-being of mothers and mothers-to-be