Our history

Once upon a time...

The story of Pioupiou is born from an experience of Mom who, like any parent, wanted the best for her children. Our toddlers have very delicate, immature and fragile skin. Taking care of these chicks and giving them the right reflexes is essential.

With Pioupiou, we offer effective, healthy solutions that offer the best of nature without compromise. We worked for many months with a specialized laboratory in Switzerland to find the perfect compositions that meet all our criteria. Our formulas, developed for sensitive and delicate skin, consist of carefully chosen organic ingredients that are 100% of natural origin.

Pioupiou products can be used from birth, they are perfect for mothers, babies, children and the whole family. We are also committed to having a minimal impact on the environment with particular attention to the choice of our packaging and the actions taken by the brand.

We want to help you pass on to your children a joyful, simple, effective and healthy beauty routine thanks to our elegant and quality products.

So, take care of yourselves, young and old, and have fun!

Created by a Mom for delicate skin.

"Passionate about the world of cosmetics since I was little and very curious by nature, I have always been attracted by the details, the undersides, the story that build a range or a product. I had wonderful professional experiences in large groups and with very beautiful brands. But it was by becoming a mother that my vision evolved. My outlook on the ingredients we use daily, on our beauty routines and on consumption in general has changed a lot. Like all of us , I am looking for the best for my children and I want to transmit values ​​to them through products that make sense for their health, their well-being, and for the environment.

This is how I created Pioupiou, with the desire to develop gentle products that meet the needs of the whole family and mainly delicate skin. I dreamed of healthy, natural, elegant and sustainable care for our little ones and hope to convince you too with the products"

Claire, founder of Pioupiou Cosmetics

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