Our values

Discover here our promises and our commitments with Pioupiou Cosmetics

Transparency - Respect - Love

100% natural ingredients

We have made the choice at Pioupiou to use only ingredients of natural origin, no synthetic ingredients, no chemicals. Our gentle and delicate treatments consist of quality vegetable oils, components from flowers, plants and other elements from our precious nature, all carefully selected.

For even more safety for our little ones and while keeping an olfactory pleasure on application, we have also developed a subtle natural fragrance, without allergens and without essential oils. It is important to us to be transparent about our ingredients. You can find the details of the compositions on each product and here on our site.

Certified care

We are labeled COSMEBIO and have chosen to be audited by the strict control body ECOCERT to obtain COSMOS ORGANIC certification. Our products meet framed requirements for a guarantee of respect for man and nature. We are committed to using ingredients of natural and organic origin (100% of natural origin and minimum 95% of plant ingredients from organic farming).

The choice of our packaging and manufacturing using gentle and non-polluting processes were important criteria when designing our products. We want to offer you healthy, effective and certified products to offer you a pleasant moment of well-being with your little ones.

For delicate skin

Compatible from birth and for the whole family. Safety is our priority, we are committed to protecting delicate skin.

Our products are healthy and contain no chemicals or controversial ingredients.
Entirely developed with elements of natural origin, we have also chosen to eliminate essential oils and avoid any allergenic substance. The treatments are therefore ideal for babies, children and pregnant women.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Because we want total respect for nature and the animal condition, Pioupiou products are entirely vegan. By using only vegetable elements and active ingredients, we guarantee the absence of ingredients of animal origin.

Made in Switzerland

It is in the heart of Switzerland that Pioupiou products were created. We have developed these cosmetic treatments hand in hand with a biological laboratory that offers Swiss excellence and purity in the service of well-being.


Reveal everything to you without compromise! Our products are equipped with SORGA technology: With the Sorga passport, you have easy access to the history of the products and proof of our commitments. Transparency - Traceability - Security

To learn more about this technology, it's here .