Our magic balm, THE natural solution for sensitive skin

The delicate skin of babies and children requires special attention. That's why we're proud to give you more details about our best-seller, Pioupiou Soft Balm , a magical solution to nourish and protect the sensitive skin of the whole family. certified organic and composed of 100% natural, water-free ingredients, this balm offers intense and soothing hydration, thanks to an exclusive formula enriched with shea butter, macadamia oil and marigold flower extracts , all from organic farming.

Year-round protection

The organic, nourishing and multi-use Gentle Balm is not just a simple moisturizer. With a touch of Swiss magic, it is specially designed to cope with the harsh climate conditions. Whether in winter, to protect the skin from cold, wind and dry air, or in summer, as an after-sun to soothe and regenerate the skin after prolonged exposure, this versatile balm is an essential ally all day long. year-round, in the mountains, at the lake, in the city or at the beach.

A Care Suitable for the Whole Family

Versatile and effective, the nourishing Gentle Balm can be used by the whole family. For babies, it soothes the irritation of diaper rash, hydrates the face and relieves skin prone to eczema. For moms, it helps prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and soothes skin after breastfeeding. For everyone, it is an ideal treatment after shaving, to treat burns and cuts, and even as a hair mask for nourished and radiant hair. He is adored by everyone.

The Multiple Uses of our Magic Balm

Our nourishing balm never ceases to amaze with its versatility and effectiveness. Let's find out how this magical product can transform your family's skincare routine:

  • For Diaper Rash - Gentle Balm has been specially developed for the delicate skin of toddlers, babies and infants. Its gentle, non-irritating formula is ideal for preventing and healing diaper rash, red bottoms and other skin irritations in babies, leaving skin deeply hydrated and soft.
  • Facial Moisturizer - Often, our customers start by using our Gentle Balm on their baby to relieve various skin problems, such as dryness or small wounds. Then, they realize its benefits on their own skin, using it as a daily moisturizer to fight wrinkles or as an eye contour treatment. Regular use guarantees soft, smooth and hydrated skin, and it can even be used as a thicker mask for intense hydration.
  • During and After Pregnancy - Mothers have found that Gentle Balm is a valuable ally during pregnancy and after. To prevent stretch marks, they apply it to the breasts, stomach and thighs to combat dryness and tightness of the skin. Thanks to its natural and very nourishing formula, it helps to maintain soft and supple skin throughout this period.
  • Relieves Eczema and Psoriasis - Pioupiou products are recommended for delicate skin and toddlers looking for natural solutions for eczema and psoriasis. Although medical advice is crucial for severe cases, many users have found that liberal use of our natural moisturizing balm effectively relieves and treats many of these skin conditions.
  • After-Sun Care - After a day in the sun, Pioupiou Gentle Balm soothes and regenerates the skin, relieving sunburn and accelerating the healing process thanks to its soothing natural ingredients.
  • Hand Cream and Lip Balm - Our natural active ingredients revitalize and nourish your lips and hands, restoring life and softness. Used before bedtime, it protects uncovered areas of your little ones' skin against external aggressions such as cold and humidity, relieving redness and tightness.
  • For Breastfeeding - Many mothers use our balm to soothe the nipples after breastfeeding, preventing cracking and irritation. Its natural and safe formula is suitable for both mother and baby.
  • Relieves Burns and Cuts - In the event of small burns or cuts, the Gentle Balm instantly soothes the skin, speeding up the healing process and minimizing scarring.
  • In Massage - With its melting texture, the Gentle Balm is ideal for a relaxing massage, deeply nourishing the skin and leaving a feeling of well-being.
  • As After-Shave - After shaving, use our balm to soothe irritated skin without drying it, thanks to its gentle and natural formula.
  • On Dry Areas and Hair - Use on any dry areas, from heels to elbows, to provide instant hydration and relief. In addition to taking care of your body, it is also an excellent hair treatment, nourishing the hair and leaving it shiny and silky.

A Certified and Responsible Formula

Dermatologically certified for sensitive skin, the nourishing and multi-use Baby Gentle Balm is made with 100% natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Complies with the Slow Cosmetics charter, it is free of harmful chemicals and respectful of the environment. It is also dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. With Pioupiou, you can have confidence in the quality and safety of the products you use to care for your skin and that of your family.


In conclusion, the Pioupiou Nourishing and Multi-use Soft Balm is much more than a simple moisturizer for the skin. It is a natural and versatile solution to take care of the whole family, all year round. With its magical formula and its multiple uses, it offers a unique sensory experience and guarantees soft, nourished and protected skin. Trust Pioupiou to take care of your skin gently and effectively, while preserving the planet thanks to responsible and environmentally friendly products.

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