Natural cosmetic products: understanding the Pioupiou formulation choices for delicate skin

The growing popularity of natural cosmetics is based on its reputation for gentleness and respect for the skin, particularly that of toddlers. At Pioupiou Cosmetics, formulation is a crucial element of our care products. But what does the term “100% natural origin” really mean?

What is natural formulation?

Natural formulation refers to the exclusive use of ingredients of natural origin in our products. Each component, from moisturizing agents to fragrances and preservatives, comes directly from natural sources such as plants or flowers.

Natural preservatives: a responsible choice

Preservatives are essential to prevent bacterial growth and ensure the safety of products, especially those containing water. At Pioupiou, we favor preservatives of natural origin, derived from plant sources, for effective protection while minimizing the impact on health and the environment.

Textures suitable for sensitive skin

A pleasant texture is essential to make the skincare experience pleasant, especially for sensitive skin like that of babies. We carry out rigorous testing to select natural, gentle and non-irritating texture agents, while preserving the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Natural fragrances and benefits of nature

100% natural perfumes, extracted from flowers and plants, offer a safe and delicate alternative to synthetic fragrances. Not only do they add a nice touch to products, but they also avoid the risks of allergies and skin irritations often associated with artificial fragrances. At Pioupiou, we have also chosen not to use essential oils, although natural, to avoid any risk on the sensitive skin of children and pregnant women.

Commitment to health, naturalness and traceability

At Pioupiou Cosmetics, our commitments to safety, naturalness and traceability are strong. All our formulas are carefully monitored to ensure they meet the highest standards. We are transparent about our manufacturing and sourcing processes, ensuring complete confidence in our products and their origin. They are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by ECOCERT, labeled Cosmébio and Slow Cosmétiques.

Why choose natural products for children, babies and pregnant women?

The skin of children, babies and pregnant women is particularly delicate and sensitive, requiring special care attention. Here are some reasons why using natural skincare products is better in these cases:

1. Less irritation: 100% natural origin products avoid the use of synthetic ingredients which can cause skin irritation, redness and allergic reactions in the sensitive skin of babies, children and pregnant women, whose skin is often more reactive.

2. No harmful products: Conventional skincare products may contain harmful substances such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates and artificial colors, which can have harmful long-term health effects. By opting for natural products like those from Pioupiou, you reduce exposure to these potentially dangerous substances.

3. Good development: Natural products promote healthy development of children's skin by avoiding endocrine disruptors and other chemicals


In summary, at Pioupiou Cosmetics, we are committed to providing safe and effective products for the whole family, while preserving the health of the skin and the planet. Our holistic approach to natural cosmetics combines natural formulation, gentle preservatives, adapted textures and delicate fragrances to offer a complete and respectful skincare experience.

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