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Pioupiou at BHV Marais, Paris

An exceptional experience for our brand, Pioupiou Cosmetics . We had the opportunity to exhibit and sell our products in a prestigious and emblematic place in Paris, the BHV Marais . Exchanges with customers, immersion in a department store, meetings with other creators... Precious moments! We have written a new page in the history of our brand, and all this gives rise to many promising prospects.

Our experience at BHV Marais

During this experience, we learned valuable lessons. Department store sales are structured, customers have specific expectations, and our approach must be refined to meet their needs. We are delighted to see that our products have won over our audience. Customers are increasingly aware of natural products for toddlers, they ask questions about their use and the benefits they provide. Above all, our textures were tried and adopted immediately.

Claire Dhote, our founder, had the opportunity to share precious moments by presenting Pioupiou Cosmetics and meeting our customers up close. The direct , authentic and warm contact is invaluable . We pride ourselves on offering healthy, natural products that all families can use with confidence, without any questions asked. We are also delighted to have been able to quickly introduce the quality of natural cosmetics and Swiss know-how to this clientele (French and international).

The feedback from our customers is extremely gratifying, and helps us grow:

  • “Oh, it has already become the whole family’s favorite cream” ( Face Cream ).
  • “Your packaging is sublime, it makes you want to have it in the bathroom.”
  • “They’re like the good natural products that I only find in Australia.”
  • “Finally quality products that I can use during my pregnancy” ( Maman Baby Oil ).
  • " How sweet ! »
  • “I really like your little name. Pioupiou is the nickname of my little son who was just born.”
  • “It’s so soft and pleasant” ( Baume Douceur ).
  • "Excellent composition, I can't wait to start using it for the arrival of my baby."
  • “It’s really rich and pleasant to apply, perfect for my daughter’s atopic skin with eczema.”

These warm and positive comments further motivate us to continue our mission of providing quality and natural products for toddlers and their families. We are grateful for the favorable reception we received at BHV Marais.

Claire - founder Pioupiou - BHV Pioupiou BHV Pioupiou Kids BHV

Discover the BHV Marais in Paris

In the heart of Paris, a stone's throw from Notre-Dame and opposite the City Hall, in the most touristy and trendy district of the city, the BHV Marais is an unmissable place for walking and shopping. Formerly known as the Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville, the BHV Marais, which was part of the Galeries Lafayette group, is located on rue de Rivoli, in the 4th arrondissement.

Creative, inspiring, relaxed, BHV Marais does not forget its loyal customers, whether they are lovers of DIY, culture or items for the home. Fashion is added to its areas of predilection, thus completing the diversified offering of this multi-specialist department store.

For 160 years, BHV Marais has been the only large lifestyle store in Paris where you can find such a variety of worlds under one roof.

Kids etc: Dream - Dare - Share

KIDS etc was born from the desire to share, to bring together creators from all backgrounds to encourage meetings and favorites. The objective is to give young talents the opportunity to present their brand in a different way, leaving the virtual world, and to share this human adventure with families and professionals.

Far from traditional trade shows and pop-ups, KIDS etc offers an almost magical experience. It is a moment suspended in time which transports young and old into a poetic parenthesis. It all starts with an exclusive selection of committed and inspiring brands, carefully chosen by Clémentine Marchal. These brands cover various sectors, including textiles, decoration, accessories, beauty, and games.

Each event is orchestrated in a refined atmosphere and tells a unique story, with the common goal of making children and adults dream. Today, KIDS etc has become a benchmark event in the world of children, conveying an image that is both poetic and contemporary.

It is above all a quest for beauty, softness and lightness. KIDS etc brings together talented creators in the field of childhood, brings them together physically to create collective energy, disseminates committed values ​​to a selective audience and breathes a little magic into the eyes of young and old.

BHV Paris Pioupiou Paris

Committed creators and great encounters

For this exclusive 2023 collaboration at BHV Marais, KIDS etc is back to school on the 5th floor of this department store. Pioupiou Cosmetics shares the stage with 17 other committed creators, each with their own unique universe. Discover their profiles:

Without forgetting the great partners at the Capharnaüm and Cocotte Paris observatories.

Credits and Acknowledgments

We would like to warmly thank the entire team for this #rentreedesclasses2023 edition as well as the many exhibitors and teams behind the scenes.

BHV Marais store, Paris, France (Galeries Lafayette Group)

Team representing Pioupiou Cosmetics - Claire (the founder) and Julie B. (in support) || Workshops, home decoration and diaper space - @capharnaumdeco x @maison.janette x @cocotte.paris || Photographer - @marta.puglia || Illustration - @atelieroranger || Decor - @atelier.shamaree || Influence Agency - @rue_lajeunesse || Production & organization - @clementine.marchal x @kids.etc

We also extend a big thank you to our loved ones who visited the event and met us. They will recognize each other... Noémie, Aurélie, Béné, Isabelle, Marie, Cécile, Jeremy, Guillaume, JE, Una, Clément, Sarah, Hélène, Caro and the Playtime team, and many more!

See you soon for other meetings!

The photos are the property of Pioupiou Cosmetics, by Claire, Margaux and Clémentine.

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