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Portrait of Bénédicte, the founder.

In this article, we would like to highlight our friend and Swiss entrepreneur, Bénédicte, the creator of the BÉNÉDICTE brand. Her company offers seasonal facial treatments, an innovative concept aimed at women looking for a beauty routine that is healthy, effective, simple and quick.

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☀ Who are you?

I am Bénédicte , biochemist and founder of the natural and Swiss cosmetics brand BÉNÉDICTE , which is based on a concept of seasons to adapt perfectly to the very specific needs of the skin and thus preserve it most effectively from the effects of time.

☀ Introduce us to your family!

I am the mother of 3 children, a boy and two girls, the last of whom is already 13 years old! It's a small business that I often draw inspiration from to manage Bénédicte Cosmetics on a daily basis! Our strength is our unity, respect for everyone and tolerance towards difference (we sometimes have very different opinions!). We make our family a top priority and a safe haven from which we draw our energy!

☀ A woman full of energy and passion! Describe your activity to us and give us more details about Bénédicte Cosmetics and what you want to convey!

Being at the head of a company is an exciting and very demanding adventure in which you have to know how to “do everything” on a daily basis,…at least at the beginning. Through the BÉNÉDICTE brand there are actually 4 values ​​that are very dear to me and which are fully reflected in all the treatments in the range.

o EFFECTIVENESS - We actually buy a treatment primarily for what it will “do” and when it comes to facial care, consumers are demanding. At BÉNÉDICTE, providing the “right active ingredients at the right times of the year and in the right concentration” with seasonal treatments constitutes the best effectiveness for optimum results.
o HEALTH – We all need to be sure that the products we use are 100% healthy for our skin…and everything else! This is the reason why I strictly excluded formulas, all petrochemical derivatives, to concentrate on vegetable oils, floral waters, vitamins, etc. exceptional in their properties for our skin.
o SIMPLICITY – Why use “50 products” to take care of your skin when you can do it more simply, for the same effectiveness? Through BÉNÉDICTE I focused on “the Essentials” to keep in your bathroom, i.e. 4 products for a complete routine (Cleansing Foam / All-in-One Cream for the season: day, night, serum, eye contour, effect healthy glow / Exfoliation / Seasonal mask). Fewer products also mean working to preserve the environment!
o WELL-BEING AND PLEASURE – Because it’s good to have fun using your products every day! It's a sensory moment, sometimes relaxing and it invites you to come back. And doesn’t regularity contribute to efficiency? This is also why I paid particular attention to developing fragrances in harmony with the seasons!

☀ How did you know Pioupiou?

Through Instagram, thanks to my favorite “influencer”, @Valbeautes , very nice encounters! I immediately loved the world of Pioupiou, evocative of softness, nature, the name speaks to me…. and I still sometimes talk about “my pioupious” when I talk about my children!! I loved its founder, Claire, just as much… like her beautiful brand!

☀ A special skincare routine with your children?

Undeniably! To have beautiful “grown-up” skin, you have to start “small”! It is also a question of hygiene. Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening and apply a moisturizing and properly nourishing treatment. They all use the cleansing foam and the Hydration Booster serum & eye contour from BÉNÉDICTE. A scrub once or twice a week to remove dead cells and the routine is complete!

☀ How would you describe motherhood? How have you changed?

It's a great adventure, like entrepreneurship, with its ups and downs, its intense moments of joy and its difficulties. A family is built, day after day, with values ​​to transmit. I have always wanted to have children, I love them. Motherhood also means discovering yourself in a new role, growing, sharing, I had the impression of becoming “really adult” at that moment!

☀ What is your favorite moment in your daily life as a Mom and an entrepreneur?

When we meet up after a day of work, and we tell each other about our good times and our less good times. I like sharing, exchanging, meals are privileged moments for that and could be “my favorite moment”!

☀ Your favorite Pioupiou product?

I really liked the balm , very pleasant to apply, I even put some on my lips!! Thank you Claire for this great discovery!

☀ Any last words?

Long life to Pioupiou and lots of projects to share!


Thank you very much Bénédicte. Come discover the brand here: benedicte.swiss

*the photos are the property of Pioupiou Cosmetics and BÉNÉDICTE

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