Complete Guide to Toddler Skin Care in Winter

Winter brings its share of challenges for little ones' skin, exposed to dehydration and irritation due to external elements. Protect your little ones' skin with these practical tips and discover Pioupiou products for suitable care.

❄️ Cover ❄️ Protect ❄️ Moisturize

Our skin is very thirsty!

In winter, dehydration of the skin is inevitable. Toddlers' skin, already prone to dryness, becomes even drier, reactive, and prone to irritation. Signs include redness, rough cheeks, cracking, tightness and itching.

Protecting our little ones’ skin

Prevent dehydration by applying appropriate moisturizers daily. Protect the skin after cleansing with rich, quality products. Limit bath temperature to 36°C to avoid increased drying.

In winter, the skin, which is more fragile, requires daily cleaning and hydration with natural skin care products like those from Pioupiou, specially designed for toddlers.

Hydrate, lots of it!

Choose treatments rich in moisturizing, nourishing and soothing active ingredients. Pioupiou baby care can be applied as a protective treatment before going out, as an SOS treatment on dry areas, or in a thick layer on very dry areas.

Check the humidity level in your home (35-45%) and maintain a room temperature of around 19°C. Make sure your child drinks enough water for natural hydration.

Taking care of baby's skin when going out

Protect your child by dressing him properly in layers. In case of extreme cold, apply additional hydration to exposed areas. Avoid your little one moistening their lips and take care of their hands with a gentle balm.

All of these tips apply to babies, children and even adults.

And in the mountains?

Keep these habits on a winter vacation in the mountains. Protect your little ones' skin against wind, rain, cold, and don't forget the appropriate sunscreen. Remember that hydration also comes from within, encourage them to drink regularly.

Product advice Pioupiou Cosmetics

At Pioupiou, our products based on organic ingredients are designed for the whole family. Our moisturizing, gentle and protective treatments are designed and made in Switzerland.

  • Nourishing balm: Ideal for protecting, relieving and hydrating. Apply it everywhere at any time of the day.
  • Baby massage oil : Use it to moisturize baby's body after washing or bathing, or for relaxing massages.
  • Children's Face Cream : For daily use to protect the skin and keep it healthy.
  • Cleansing Gel: To clean and nourish the skin without damaging it.

    Pioupiou Cosmetics offers a range of natural products designed in Switzerland to take care of little ones' skin in winter and at any time of the year. Follow these practical tips this winter and use Pioupiou products to offer your child's skin optimal protection against the harsh cold. Find all our products here .

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