Swiss collaboration: Pioupiou Cosmetics x NIKIN

We are delighted to present to you an exceptional collaboration that embodies our values ​​and our commitment to a more sustainable future for our children and future generations: Pioupiou Cosmetics x NIKIN . This merger between our two Swiss brands celebrates the union of family, care, nature and environmental responsibility.

Pioupiou Cosmetics: in the heart of nature

At Pioupiou Cosmetics , we believe in the power of nature to provide gentle and effective skin care, especially for the little ones among us. Our products are formulated with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, ensuring the safety and well-being of your family. Designed for delicate skin and created by a mother concerned about the well-being of her children, our products emphasize respect for all and for nature.


NIKIN: A Swiss commitment to sustainability

NIKIN embodies the Swiss spirit of sustainability and commitment to the environment. Founded in October 2016 by two childhood friends, this stylish and responsible clothing and accessories brand stands out for its commitment to creating timeless products made from sustainable materials, almost exclusively in Europe. For more responsible fashion and consumption. Each item sold represents one step closer to a greener future, because NIKIN plants a tree for each product sold.



A collaboration with a positive impact and a beautiful message

The collaboration between Pioupiou Cosmetics and NIKIN goes well beyond these simple sets of shared products. It is an alliance of values ​​and concrete actions for a better world. By choosing our exclusive box, not only are you offering superior quality products suitable for sensitive skin, but you are also participating in our common mission to preserve our planet for future generations.

Pioupiou x NIKIN box: the gift to give

Our Pioupiou x NIKIN birth box is the ideal gift to celebrate life and share your love with your loved ones. Composed of gentle and natural care products, it guarantees a total well-being experience for newborns and their parents. In addition, each purchase contributes to the planting of a tree, thus supporting the environmental cause that is close to our hearts.

We are delighted to partner with a great brand to offer you this limited edition collab box set . Our exclusive collaboration embodies our commitment to the health of your family and our planet. Join us on this adventure and discover the power of responsible beauty with the Pioupiou x NIKIN set. We have other surprises in store for later in the year if you like this one.

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