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Our best tips for protecting babies and children from the sun in summer

Summer is here, and it's essential to protect our little ones' delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Their skin is thinner than that of adults, and their natural protective mechanisms are not yet fully developed, making them more vulnerable to UV rays. Here are some simple tips to put into practice to take care of your skin during the sunny days.


1 – Avoid exposure and protect ☼

The best protection for babies is to keep them indoors or adequately protect them when outdoors. It is strongly recommended not to expose babies under 6 months to the sun . For older children, limit their exposure to the sun as much as possible between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and favor shaded paths during walks.

A golden rule: you never go out without protection!


2 – Hydrate ☼

To prepare your little ones' skin to face the sun's rays, make sure to moisturize it well. Continue to use moisturizing products daily to create a protective barrier and limit skin damage. Also remember to regularly refresh their skin and face to avoid tightness. Don't forget to offer them water regularly to maintain good internal hydration .

3 - Cover ☼

When you go out with your children, dress them in covering clothing, preferably light and loose-fitting . Opt for UV protective clothing options that provide additional protection. It is essential to cover their head with a wide-brimmed hat that protects their face, ears and neck. Even toddlers can wear sunglasses designed specifically for their body shape to protect their sensitive eyes. If you use a stroller, be sure to position it so that your child is in the shade and ensure good air circulation by opening the hood.


4 - Use suitable products ☼

If parts of the skin remain exposed, apply sunscreen to create a protective barrier. Choose products specially designed for babies and children , as they are more suitable and less allergenic. Be sure to regularly apply SPF 50 baby and child sunscreen to all exposed areas, including the feet and behind the ears, regardless of weather conditions.

5 - In the evening, rest and gentleness ☼

After a day in the sun, clean your children's skin and hair thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water to remove any residue from cream, salt or chlorine. Hydration is always important , so use gentle, hydrating products suited to their skin. Offer them a moment of rest and well-being so that they can recharge their batteries.

Hydration is very important. Use our organic baby care to nourish the skin gently and deeply. Rest, calm and a moment of well-being will be encouraged to recharge our little ones.


Pioupiou product advice...

To take care of your little ones' skin after long summer days, use Pioupiou treatments. Moisturize their face morning and evening with a suitable treatment, use a massage oil before, during and/or after the bath, and protect and relieve weakened areas with a more intense treatment (ideal after-sun).


We wish you a great summer!

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