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The quest for the perfect gift for each member of the family can sometimes be a challenge. To simplify your search, we have carefully selected, in collaboration with our partners and friendly brands of Pioupiou Cosmetics, exceptional products. These gifts stand out for their sustainability, healthy nature and local origin. Discover exclusive offers from our partners for gifts that will delight the whole family, from busy parents to wandering toddlers.

For busy parents

JAYA Ayurveda herbal teas

Offer a relaxing break with Jaya Ayurveda herbal teas, infusions with multiple benefits bringing calm and serenity to busy days. The “ Life’s nectar ” mixture is a favorite, particularly suitable for future mothers and breastfeeding mothers.

Targeted care for a beauty routine

Treat mom to a well-deserved break with a healthy beauty routine and quality products, such as EMEO Swiss ' effective and gentle routines, including the Redness Skin routine .
Parents also integrate Pioupiou Cosmetics products into their daily beauty routine, with the Balm for Dad (after-shave) and the Face Cream as daily care for Mom. Natural products pampering the skin while respecting the environment.

Nursing clothes

Opt for durable, quality nursing clothing with AMAE and You&Milk , combining practicality and style. Comfortable and elegant, they simplify the lives of active parents while offering an ethical choice and reasoned manufacturing in Portugal.

PIOUPIOU Scented Candle

Create a relaxing atmosphere with the Pioupiou Scented Candle , an ideal gift to add a touch of serenity and elegance to your home.

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For toddlers

TILOUCO pajamas

Little ones love the comfort of Pajamas from the Swiss brand Tilouco . Made from soft and durable materials, these practical and ethical clothes provide a peaceful night's sleep for little ones and maximum comfort for parents.
Also discover their new collection, including adorable swaddles to wrap and soothe your babies.

TEED training pants

Make potty training easier with TEED pants, comfortable and eco-friendly. Offer this ideal solution to children with the colorful and attractive designs of the TEED brand.

For the House


Discover Studio Huske waterproof mat, perfect for use at home and outdoors. This essential offers infinite versatility, combining elegance and practicality. Suitable for changing, meals, activities, picnics, this mat lends itself to a variety of everyday uses. A marvel that will find its place in all situations


Add a warm and poetic touch to your home with Les Petites Hirondelles prety decorations, accessories and stationery. The designer offers charming and practical objects for young and old. Our favorite is particularly the educational, fun and elegant cloud .

We also had the opportunity to collaborate together on a Pioupiou x Les petits Hirondelles brooch project. A magnificent object!

Slow Fashion by KAHANI DOR

Discover Kahani Dor 's Slow Fashion, pieces made with care and expertise passed down from generation to generation. This Swiss brand highlights Indian craftsmanship, offering unique and ethical pieces. A particular favorite for the Home collection, highlighting pretty prints on cushions and tablecloths.

For care


Take care of the little ones with the Pioupiou Cosmetics routine. Products adapted to their delicate skin, formulated with natural and respectful ingredients. Opt for suitable gift boxes that are sure to please, demonstrating responsibility towards the environment.


Love Me Doux Liniment offers a healthy and natural alternative for changing babies. A gentle formula that cares for little ones' sensitive skin.

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For the meal


Make mealtimes for parents and children more fun with The Hungry Nest Books. Perfect tips and recipes that whet the appetite and encourage good eating habits. Their book “ The Cookbook for Little Chefs ” is a big favorite, offering simple and wonderfully illustrated recipes for healthy cooking with your child.

Going out

Baby carrier and accessories JOLI NOUS

Discover the essentials for families on the move with our friends from Joli Nous . The Ring Sling Suisse, the brand's signature object, is intended to be ultra practical, essential and stylish. Also find matching hats , XL swaddles and lots of joy in their collection. Simplicity, elegance and Swiss quality.

Practical and elegant changing bag MOOM

The MOOM Paris Bag is the perfect travel companion. Spacious, functional and made with durable materials, it will accompany families on their getaways, while remaining elegant for mom or dad.

This list brings together gift ideas for every member of the family, highlighting our commitment to sustainable and local products. These suggestions not only make unique gifts, but they also demonstrate our responsibility towards the environment.

Give gifts that do good, to your loved ones and to the planet.