Pioupiou Cosmetics using SORGA Technology

SORGA, what is it?

SORGA wants to accelerate responsible consumption by allowing each
consumer to become a consumer through reliable information and
verifiable. The technology was developed by MAP EMULSION, a company with a mission specializing in digital innovation for retail brands and its Marseille partner KeeeX, a pioneer in cybersecurity and blockchain.
SORGA is a tamper-proof digital passport solution for products
(Digital Product Passport, DPP), accessible directly via your product barcode from www.sorga.app. This technology securely reveals each product's story as well as verifiable evidence of brand commitments.
SORGA PPDs meet the expectations of the European Commission on
consumer information on the impact, sustainability and circularity of
products. They make it possible to discover the verifiable CSR commitments of the brands (before the purchase).

What's the point ?

Whether it's recyclable packaging, certified organic ingredients
COSMOS ORGANIC or the excellence and quality of the formulas developed in collaboration with a Swiss laboratory: our products are as many commitments that a packaging cannot reveal but which nevertheless makes sense for many parents concerned about the health of their baby.
For all these reasons, we have decided to equip our Pioupiou Face Cream with SORGA technology. Each product has a digital passport that allows you to obtain key, verifiable information.

How to access the SORGA passport?

To consult a SORGA passport, nothing could be simpler: just go to www.sorga.app then scan the barcode of your Face Cream .

Don't have the product on hand?

Go to the Face Cream page of our website and click on the button .
You can also access it here: Pioupiou Face Cream Passport .