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Questions and answers | Piou Piou ?

We have detailed here some questions that we often find about Pioupiou care. You can also find all the information relating to the products, ingredients and care rituals on the individual pages of each of our products, and also in the FAQ .

Who can use Pioupiou products?

Everyone ! The formulas have been developed for the most delicate skins, but the products are compatible for adults and children alike. Don't hesitate to suggest a Pioupiou routine to the whole family, from birth!

Can I also use Pioupiou products during pregnancy?

Yes of course. All Pioupiou products are guaranteed safe and healthy for Mom and Baby during pregnancy and from birth. Our products are made of only the best high quality raw materials and are specially designed to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin, so we have eliminated all ingredients that are not recommended or subject to doubt during pregnancy. They have been clinically and dermatologically tested, and approved by an expert toxicologist to guarantee the safety of expectant mothers, mothers and babies. Our Maman Bébé oil will be an ally of choice in your well-being routine from the start of pregnancy and long after.

I am breastfeeding my baby, can I continue to use Pioupiou products?

Yes ! The Pioupiou skincare routine has been specifically designed for the most delicate skin. Our formulas have been clinically and dermatologically tested, and approved by an expert toxicologist to guarantee the safety of expectant mothers, mothers, babies, children and the whole family.

From what age to use the products?

All our Pioupiou care products are made exclusively from the best quality raw materials and are specially developed to meet the needs of baby's sensitive skin. Therefore, they can be used immediately after birth. More than a moment of care, massages with baby are also moments of well-being and promote the bond between parents and baby.

What does the statement “ingredients 100% of natural origin” mean?

In our products, all the ingredients used are of natural origin. We have chosen not to use any synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals. More details here .

Are Pioupiou products organic?

Yes ! Our products are Cosmébio and Cosmos Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife, the most demanding level of organic cosmetic certifications. These labels guarantee that our products have been developed in compliance with demanding specifications concerning the choice of ingredients, organic farming and the sustainable and ethical values ​​of the brand.

Are the products vegan ?

Yes ! All Pioupiou products are vegan and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

And tested on animals ?

No ! We are committed to respecting the animal cause, which is why all our products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals, approved by the PETA association. Also, note that if you buy cosmetics in Europe, animal testing has been prohibited by law since 2003.

What should you pay attention to in baby care products?

In addition to specific elements such as fragrance or ease of application, the use of quality raw materials, as much as possible from organic farming, is essential. A baby's skin is very thin and sensitive to all substances it comes into contact with, unfortunately also to harmful substances. It therefore goes without saying that the emphasis must be placed on impeccable quality.

My baby has very sensitive skin. Are Pioupiou products suitable?

All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients, they have been developed for the most sensitive and reactive skin, are dermatologically tested hypoallergenic. But to be reassured, we recommend that you test the product on a small area of ​​baby's skin 24 hours before full use.

Can Pioupiou products be used on children's problem skin (eg eczema)?

Yes ! Our gentle formulas have been developed for delicate, sensitive and reactive skin. The natural composition of our products can help regulate baby's skin problems with a healthier routine, it is in any case advisable before using too many stronger chemicals. Nevertheless, we cannot replace the advice of a professional, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your pediatrician for serious cases of skin problems. We also advise you to test first on small clean healthy areas to see the reaction of the skin.

Do Pioupiou products contain allergens?

No, none of the 26 allergens currently recognized as such in the European Cosmetics Regulation are present in our formulas. Generally, the allergens with the highest allergenic potential are contained in fragrances. Our perfumes have been chosen with the greatest care to avoid the presence of these substances, moreover we have chosen a subtle blend of 100% natural ingredients.

Do Pioupiou products contain essential oils?

No, these are certainly natural substances but too powerful, especially for pregnant women and toddlers. We have chosen not to use it. Our products can therefore be used safely from birth and by the whole family.

Is there a perfume?

Yes, we use a very light natural fragrance, but beware, our products do not contain any synthetic fragrance or substances recognized as allergens. We have developed a subtle and gentle floral blend, based on 100% natural ingredients.

Where does the production of Pioupiou products take place?

All products are developed, tested, produced and packaged inSwitzerland . We are committed to knowing all our partners perfectly in order to ensure impeccable quality and a sustainable approach. The formulas are unique and belong to Pioupiou Cosmetics.

I don't know how to use Pioupiou products with my child?

No problem, you can write to us at info@pioupiou-cosmetics.ch and we will accompany you to create a care routine with complete peace of mind.

Is the packaging used when sending it durable?

We make every effort to offer you eco-responsible solutions to respect the values ​​and commitments of the brand. For example, we use responsible and reusable recycled textile fibers in some of our shipments.

So, convinced by Pioupiou products?

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