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PIOUPIOU & FRIENDS - Portrait Amaia of the brand amaë

I present to you today Amaia, founder of the brand of elegant, practical and sustainable nursing clothes for mothers, amaë . A very nice meeting and many things that bring us together as mothers, women and entrepreneurs, which resulted in a beautiful friendship. I invite you to find out more about her and her journey in the following lines.

🌿 Who are you?

I am Amaia, creator of the breastfeeding clothing brand amaë . I am a 33-year-old mother passionate about sustainable fashion and maternity!

🌿 Introduce us to your family!

In my family we are 3: Simon, my spouse who is also my partner and my greatest support. We both have a wonderful son, Maël, 3 years old, without whom the great amaë adventure would not exist.

🌿 A super Mama, but not only... Describe your activity and give us more details about amaë and its beautiful values!

Amae it is a brand of elegant and responsible breastfeeding clothes. I design the clothes and they are then made in a workshop in Portugal, in small series.

Amae has a “slowfashion” approach: more responsible fashion that respects the environment. Our creations are made to last and be worn during breastfeeding but also afterwards.

Amae also fights against misinformation around breastfeeding and highlights the possibility of breastfeeding after returning to work.

🌿 How did you know Pioupiou?

I met Pioupiou thanks to amaë. Claire, the founder, was breastfeeding her little one and was one of the first customers when I created the brand. We talked a lot by message on Instagram and then by phone. Claire helped me a lot thanks to her experience as a mom and her precious feedback on the creations. A very nice meeting. We got on well and I had the chance to know Pioupiou as soon as it was launched. I immediately bought the balm and I'm totally hooked.

🌿 Describe your daily care routine with your little one.

For care, I try to use as few products as possible and I pay great attention to the composition. As my son has atopic skin, I use a washing oil for the bath. Then, I apply a lipid-replenishing moisturizer to the body and Pioupiou shea balm for the driest areas.

🌿 How would you describe motherhood? How have you "changed"?

Maternity is carrying a little being and bringing it into the world. It is an immense discovery which is accompanied by moments of joy but also of doubts. It is to surprise yourself and discover an unsuspected strength in yourself.

I think motherhood pushed me to be more tolerant. I feel a lot of compassion for all the mothers who do an incredible job on a daily basis and who try to reconcile everything: family life, friends, work,... I also admire all the mothers who do not work to take care of their children and I now measure the extent of their work.

🌿 What's your favorite moment in your daily life as a mom?

My little happiness is when I find my son in the evening after a long day of work. Her smile makes me forget everything!

🌿 Your favorite Pioupiou product

THE balm , it's my favorite product! I love shea for its moisturizing properties. The balm works wonders on my son's skin. It is the only cortisone-free treatment that relieves his eczema in the event of an attack.

🌿 A last word?

Thank you very much Claire for having created products that are so respectful of our little ones' skin. A wonderful discovery for me who has always used care. Can't wait to follow the rest of Pioupiou's adventures!

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