Welcome to our loyalty program. You are part of the Pioupiou family!

When you create an account, and when placing your orders, you enter the program.
It's up to us ❤ to thank you and spoil you.

How it works ?

To be part of our loyalty program, it's very simple:

💚 Register on the site
💚 Subscribe to the Pioupiou newsletter
💚 Take care of your toddlers & the whole family with Pioupiou care
💚 Share your feedback... we love to read you, see your little ones and exchange gently.

  • How to earn points ?

    Create your account > 50 pts
    Your orders > 1€/CHF spent = 1 point
    Follow us on Instagram or Facebook > 10 pts
    Enter your birthday > 100 pts
    Write a product review > 100 pts
    ★ Refer a friend > 100 pts for you* and 5€/CHF for your friend.

  • Your rewards and benefits

    Turn your points into gifts:
    from 100 points, get a 10€/CHF reduction.

    The more points you accumulate, the more you will have access to exclusive offers and discounts on your next orders...
    But also, you will be able to take advantage of specific advantages for members of the Pioupiou Family and will be the brand's VIP Ambassador.

Q&A - Pioupiou Loyalty Program

How do I create an account for the program?

If you are not yet a member, we invite you to create an account like this:

- On computer, at the top right "connection"
- On mobile, in the drop-down menu, at the very bottom, "connection".
- Or by clicking on the panel / pop-up with the little green star at the bottom right of your screen, "I subscribe".

How do I check my points?

If you already have a Pioupiou account, simply connect to it and convert your acquired points into credit to spend in the site shop.

These dots will be visible via the panel/pop-up at the bottom of your screen.

How do I use my points and vouchers?

At the bottom of your screen, there is an icon which allows you to open the loyalty program panel / pop-up.

You will see different information there: your current points, how to earn more, and how to redeem them. Select the reward you want to get, you will then receive a discount code by email and on this same panel / pop-up . Don't forget to copy the code.

At the time of payment, insert the code in the field "Add a reduction > Gift card or promo code" then click on "validate".

Is there an expiration date on my points or shopping credits?

Your points as well as your purchase credit have a limited duration of one year.

How to earn more points?

At the bottom of your screen, there is an icon that allows you to open the loyalty program panel / pop-up .

You will find various information there, in particular how to earn points: Instagram, Facebook, Birthday. Click on the rewards and follow the links.

For the birthday, fill in your date of birth - you can change it in case of error. ⚠️ You receive your points linked to your birthday on your birthday... And you should also know that the system will not generate your points for you, if the date entered is within the next 30 days.

I already have a Pioupiou account with which I placed all my previous orders, are my points lost?

No worries ! At the launch of our loyalty program, everyone who placed an order in recent months (since September 2022) received the points retroactively!

Attention, it is not possible to merge two accounts if you have already ordered with two different e-mail addresses.

However, we invite you to contact us at info@pioupiou-cosmetics.ch for any questions or if you need help!

Q&A - Referral Program

How sponsorship works

It is very simple !

1/ From the panel / popup (bottom right of the screen) the godmother retrieves their unique sponsorship link then sends it to their future goddaughter(s) by Facebook, or by E-mail

2/ The sponsored person receives a sponsorship e-mail inviting them to enter their e-mail address in the Sponsorship section of the Pioupiou site.

3/ She then receives her personal code which she will enter during her future order at the time of payment in the field "Add a reduction > Gift card or promo code".

4/ The godmother or godfather then receives their corresponding point credit upon validation of their godchild's first order.

How to become a Pioupiou sponsor?

Quite simply ! You must have a Pioupiou account and share the link available in the panel / pop-up with your family or friends who are not yet part of the Pioupiou family!

How many people can I refer?

As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have!

You can sponsor your friends, your family or anyone who does not yet have a Pioupiou account! To share without moderation for our little ones!

I am a godmother or godfather, when will I receive my reward?

The reward will be sent to you once your loved one's first order has been placed!

I am a godchild and wish to use the code given by my sponsor, what should I do?

During your first purchase on our Pioupiou site, at the time of payment, insert the code in the field "Add a reduction > Gift card or promo code" then click on "validate".

For any questions, contact us by email at info@pioupiou-cosmetics.ch! See you soon ⭐

Welcome to the Pioupiou family!

Certifications, usage tests, dermatological tests and wider surveys guarantee the effectiveness and quality of our products. Your feedback and suggestions allow our treatments to gain visibility, to become even better and to perfectly meet the needs of consumers, young and old.

Your feedback is valuable and we love having you by our side on this adventure!
You are part of the Pioupiou family!